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The introduction of an organization of girls 4-7 was through a recommendation by Sorors Vondel Smith-Sloan and Lillian Wilson at the 1991 Regiona Conference. The Southern Region endorsed the proposal for piloting this youth group.Alpha Gamma Zeta Chapter   organized this youth group as a pilot program for one year. It was  named the"Pearlette Club." The Pearlette logo was designed by Soror Yvonne C. Hull who is now serving as our Southern Region  Youth Groups Director. After a successful year, the age range changed from 4-7 to 4-8.
Mu Zeta Chapter organized   the Pearlette Youth Affiliate in June 1995 under the leadership  of Soror Geraldine A. Simms as Baselius. Sorors Nelda Augustus and  Mabel Emery served as sponsors.
Colors: Light (Baby)   Blue and White

Prayer: "Lord  take me wise, Lord make me strong, Lord lead me and
               guide me, That I may not go wrong"

Song Code: Precious,  Energetic,  Alert, Rare, Loving                                               Entusiastic, Talented, Thankful

Exceptional:    Precious Pearlettes
The Pearlettes program  provides activities which present opportunities to:

Train youth  leadership skills, personal hygiene, good grooming and human relations.

Expose youth to educational, recreational and cultural   activities.

Provide community service.

Serve as role models in Finer Womanhood.

Develop new interests.
Mu Zeta Youth Affilitates Fantastic 5
"Building Strong Minds, Bodies, and Spirits."